Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I love baby goats.

Sometimes I worry about my self. Matthew 25, ya know?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

7 Things I learned in March

7 things I learned in March. Ready, GO!

1. I am older than the internet.

Um, excuse me?

Here is the link to the article that changed everything about how old I feel about myself. The internet is twenty-five years young. I am  twenty.. cough cough years older than that.

2. There is no taco emoji. 

You are telling me that with all of these food options, I cannot text my sister a picture of a taco!? Whoever made emojis is obviously not from Southern California... and clearly needs food education.

3. The world is just made up of people.

Scientists, fortune 500 companies, beggars, supermodels. The world is made up of people- not just concepts and products. I met a few "high-ups" in the NGO world this month and to my surprise, they are all just people. People who make judgement calls based on their own experiences and with limited worldviews. People who don't know how everything is going to turn out, but have to give orders anyways. People with families and hopes and dreams and weaknesses. The world is just a bunch of people. Fascinating.

4. In Kolkutta, everyone drinks out of mud cups.

While in Kolkutta last week, I discovered that everyone drinks out of baked mud cups that have been extracted from the river!

5. Kerosene looks and smells a LOT like petrol.

Nepal has a petrol shortage. Our scooty was running low on fuel, so I went out to fill 'er up so that we would not have to go early before class. I went from one fuel station to another, and after asking around, discovered that there would be no petrol available in Kathmandu until the next day.

When I got home, Cynthia suggested that we use the spare petrol that I had put in the storage room. Spare petrol? I didn't put any spare petrol in the storage room. Meaghan must have put it there. We smelt it, checked the color, and all seemed right, so we dumped it all into the gas tank.

The scooter had trouble starting, and as it frequently stalled in the middle of the road, we nearly got rear ended by cows and taxis. Obviously that was not petrol in the storage room.

I asked Meaghan later and she confirmed that it was in fact kerosene. Whoops!

6. Nepalis do flowers well. 
The Nepali Flag!


Didi with a cool tree trunk. 

Tower of flowers. 

The neighborhood flower show goers.

Speaking of flowers...

7. My selfie doppelganger is the Dalai Lama. 

Ok, but seriously. The lady who got me started writing about "what I learned" each month posted about the My Heritage app (it is free and you have to go download it right now). It tells you what celebrities you look like. I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

I don't know y'all, I'm just saying... he could be my brother.

However, the only one who scored higher than His Holiness is the good ole' Larry King.

Practically twins, right? It's that creepy smile.

I had to try once more, but this time without that silly smirk.

I think its gonna be a long long time 'til that app brings me round again...